Deerfield Beach Injury Lawyer and Accident Attorney

If you travel along the beautiful scenic A1A and a tourist who is unfamiliar with the area rear-ends you causing injury, please call our Deerfield Beach, Florida accident lawyer, Gary J. Drucker, at 954-755-2120.  Our injury lawyer in Deerfield Beach handles all types of accident cases from automobile accidents to slip and fall cases, trip and falls, workplace injuries, accidents arising from workers’ compensation injuries, construction site accidents and essentially all accidents or injuries in which you are injured as a result of someone else’s fault.

It is imporatant to note that we speak Spanish. Jasaline Perez, who is Mr. Drucker’s secretary, speaks fluent spanish and interprets for all the firm’s spanish speaking clints. For a free consultation, call us at 954-755-2120.

Many of the clients that are represented by our Deerfield Beach injury lawyer, Gary Drucker, have accidents that happen in Deerfield Beach off of Hillsboro Bouevard, S.W. 10th Street, Lyons Road, Military Trail, but other times the accidents happen throughout Florida but the clients live and work here in Deerfield Beach. Please call our personal injury office at 954-755-2120 with our satellite offices in Coral Springs, Fl and our main office in Boca Raton for a free consultation.  If you are a member of South Florida’s Hispanic or Brazilian community (and are in need of our Deerfield Beach accident lawyer), please ask for a Spanish speaker upon calling our office.

Our injury lawyer & accident attorney handles cases in the following Deerfield Beach zip codes: 33441, 33442, 33443.