Work-place Accidents

If you are the victim of a workplace injury, you may not know that you have legal rights. If your employer required you work in unsafe conditions, or failed to warn you of some foreseeable hazard, or you were involved in a motor vehicle accident while in the scope of your employment, you may be entitled to claim damages. But in order to know with certainty whether or not you have a case, you need to speak with a workplace injury lawyer in Florida. Only a workplace injury attorney in Florida has the knowledge to listen to your description of the incident, ask questions about your workplace setting, and understand the legal issues at stake.

Unlike worker’s compensation benefits which are provided regardless of who was at fault for causing the injury, the third party claims require the worker to prove that their injuries were caused due to someone else’s carelessness. Third party claims are also different from workers compensation claims in that they provide broader elements of damage which include emotional distress, pain and suffering, loss of established course of life, and the full amount of the worker’s lost wages. Hence, workers can potentially obtain far greater compensation from these claims than under worker’s compensation.

If you have been injured on the job, you should always seek counsel from a workplace injury attorney in Florida. Even if you are not sure, a consultation will help you determine whether you might be entitled to damages, IN ADDITION TO WORKERS’ COMPENSATION BENEFITS. Many people have been certain that their employers were not at fault, but yet been able to be repaid for the suffering and loss of wages they experienced. A good workplace injury lawyer in Florida will know the law cold, helping you get a better understanding of it yourself quickly and easily.