Winn Dixie Supermarket Slip & Fall Attorney in Lake Worth

Inujred in an accident at a Winn Dixie Supermarket in Lake Worth?

A slip and fall in a Winn Dixie Super Market store is a very serious thing when you are injured, from your perspective or for the supermarket’s perspective. All supermarkets, Winn Dixie included, handle their slip and fall claims with an adjuster who is looking out for Winn Dixie’s interests. You need someone that will look out for your best interest, which is why it is a better idea to hire a Lake Worth Winn Dixie Slip and Fall Lawyer, attorney Gary J. Drucker.

Mr. Drucker has experience in cases dealing with a slip and fall or trip and fall injury that occurred at a Winn Dixie location in Lake Worth, Lake Park, Kings Point, Lantana and surrounding areas. Call 561-967-3840 for a free consultation and we only charge a fee or costs if we recover money for you.


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