When do I have a case against a grocery store in Florida when I fall and get injured?

As in any injury case, you must prove three elements: liability, damages and legal causation. By this question, it suggests the person has damages (it says person injured) and legal causation (it says fall and get injured). Thus, this question seems to focus on liability or fault. Many clients come to me, after falling with injury and suggest the grocery store AUTOMATICALLY owes them money if they fall in a grocery store BUT THIS IS NOT CORRECT. The injured person MUST prove that the grocery store in Florida is negligent before it will owe them any money under Florida law. So the key here is fault and thus the issue becomes when is a grocery store legally responsible for injuries sustained on the property. Basically, the answer is when the store has been negligent in causing injury. Under premises liability theories, a occupier of land is responsible for hazards that it caused, that it knew about but did not remedy, or that it should have known about as it was on constructive notice of. It is also important to note that if the grocery store is negligent, the injured person can also be considered to be partly at fault and the damages reduced by an appropriate percentage, if there is evidence of comparative fault on the part of the injured person. Accidents can happen in various ways and there is no easy answer to negligence in most scenarios, so it is important to get legal advise when you fall at a grocery store.