What is the value of my Florida car accident case – meniscus (knee) injury?

Knee injuries are common in car accidents.  There are many factors that come into play in valuing the injuries.  Sometimes, there injury are solely treated with therapy and there is almost complete resolution of pain.  Other times, arthroscopic surgery is needed where the medical cost is much greater. Sometimes the results from surgery are almost perfect and yet other times the client continues to have significant pain in their knee or future surgeries are needed. The age of the injured person is going to play into this as well. Further, if the client has health insurance and the cost of treatment or surgeries will also impact the value of the case. Thus, there is no simple answer to the value of a meniscus surgery, as there are so many factors that are going to play into the value of the case. Generally, if the client would have a good result and not need surgery, that case would have a value much less than a similar case where surgery was needed. This is where the hiring of a lawyer is particularly important. Personal injury lawyers can help advise clients on the value of their cases along with many other things that the lawyer can help advise the client.