Weston Injury Lawyer and Accident Attorney

Do you live in Weston and need a personal injury lawyer? Are you seeking an attorney that will devote the necessary time to your case and give you personal attention? If so, you have found the law firm and the web site that will meet your needs. Gary J. Drucker of Drucker Law Offices in a Weston, Florida accident lawyer that focuses on personal attention. Our injury attorney law firm in Weston works on a contingency fee basis which means we only charge a fee if the law firm obtains a recovery for you. Please call Drucker Law Offices at 954-755-2120 for a free consultation. The law firm’s motto is that “personal injury deserves personal attention” and the law firm’s goal is to meet that expectation. Our law firm handles car crash cases as well as slip and fall or trip and fall cases in Weston and we assign Gary J. Drucker as the injury attorney for your case. Again, Drucker Law offices’ phone number is 954-755-2120. The injury attorney meets the clients in the Broward injury law office or at the client’s home, at the client’s work place or even at the hospital or their doctor office if necessary.

Our injury lawyer & accident attorney handles cases in the following Weston zip codes: 33326, 33327, 33331, 33332.