Walmart Supercenter Slip & Fall Attorney in West Palm Beach

Were you injured in a Walmart Supercenter in West Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Wellington, Palm Springs and the store is claiming that it is your fault, as you should have seen the product that was on the floor?

Is the supermarket calling you to obtain a “recorded” conversation where they want to ask you about how you fell and about your injuries. In Florida, this state follows the doctrine of comparative fault, which basically states that if a business (or supermarket) is negligent (meaning at fault), the business can argue that the injured person also bears part responsibility. Usually, the supermarket claims the person who fell was not reasonably careful and bears some of the blame for the accident. In a court setting (or in settlement negotiations), the damages may be reduced if the jury find comparative fault and the full damages are reduced by the percentage of fault the jury finds the injured person bears (or in negotiations the percentage that the parties agree the plaintiff bears). I represent injured people who fall at supermarkets and I also handle various other types of injury claims. Hiring a West Palm Beach Walmart Trip and Fall Lawyer or Slip and Fall lawyer allows you to make a case against the supermarket, such that you can recoup compensation for you injuries. Further, making a claim against a supermarket like Walmart will likely help to prevent similar accidents to other customers in the future. Drucker Law Offices and licensed attorney Gary J. Drucker is prepared to help you with your claim.

Please call West Palm Beach Walmart injury lawyer, Gary Drucker at 561-686-7070 for a free consultation and this law firm only charges fees or costs if I recover money for you, so please call today.


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