Walmart Supercenter Slip & Fall Attorney in Boynton Beach

Are you suffering from an injury that was sustained in an accident at a Walmart Supermarket in Boynton Beach, Wellington, Lantana, Delray Beach, Royal Palm Beach, Palm Springs or surrounding areas?

In Florida, a company or property owner’s failure to maintain their property in a safe and appropriate manner and in accordance with all safety regulations can leave you in a lot of pain and sometimes even out of work. Drucker Law Offices and Attorney Gary J. Drucker is prepared to help you be fairly compensated under Florida law for the injuries that are caused by a supermarket’s or the property owner’s negligence. Walmart has locations in Boynton Beach, Wellington, Lake Worth, Delray and all of Palm Beach county.

If you would like a free consultation from a Florida licensed personal injury lawyer regarding your rights for a fall that took place in Boynton Beach, or Wellington, Lake Worth, Delray or anywhere, please call attorney Gary J. Drucker at 561-265-1976. There are fees and costs BUT only if money is recovered for you. The law firm has offices in Boynton Beach (administrative office) as well as Boynton Beach (satellite office) or Lake Worth (for consultation), so please call today.


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