Truck Accidents

Drucker Law offices has extensive experience in all types of motor vehicle collisions including truck wrecks.  My staff and I promptly and thoroughly investigate each case to assess which vehicle is at fault and is therefore liable. I work with experienced investigators to obtain photographs and other necessary information immediately when the evidence is still fresh. I now have more than 20 years studying the intricacies of Florida personal injury law.

Trucking Accident Statistics

Accidents involving trucks account for over 130,000 injuries in the United States each year. There are approximately 5,000 deaths with close to 35% in catastrophic injuries. Trucks over 10,000 pounds, i.e. semis and tractor-trailer represent only 3% of vehicles on the road, but they are responsible for over 25% of vehicle related deaths. The Statistics are reported by The U.S. Department of Transportation: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Due to their monstrous size, truck accidents may result in catastrophic injuries to anyone involved. In fact, a large truck may strike another vehicle with the force of twenty cars.

There are many factors which can result in deadly truck crashes, which include:

  • Defective auto parts
  • Driving the vehicle at high speeds
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol /drugs
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • Animal dashing into the road
  • Improper vehicle maintenance

Most of the abovementioned causes are preventable, which makes truck accidents even more devastating. If you have been involved in a truck accident and suffered a serious injury, such as fractured bones, head injury, back and neck injuries, spinal cord injuries you have the right to hold the negligent truck driver liable for the injuries that you sustained.

At Drucker Law Offices, total representation is offered to the truck accident victim. This includes helping clients present their claim for medical bills and wages to their insurance carrier. Their rental car claims are processed and the repair of their cars after an accident is arranged. A free initial consultation is provided for clients who have been injured as a result of a car accident. The contract is a contingency fee contract so clients only pay a lawyer fee if the case is satisfactorily resolved.