Taxi Cab Accidents

People take taxi cabs for a variety of reasons.  Most people as a backseat passenger assume that they will be safe and the taxi cab will not be involved in an accident.  However, sometimes accidents due occur.  In Florida taxi cabs are not required by law to provide PIP coverage.

In Florida, most vehicles are required to have personal injury protection (PIP) and such coverage pays your medical bills, regardless of fault. However, under Florida law, taxi cabs are exempt from the mandatory personal injury protection (PIP) coverage that personal automobiles must include pursuant to the Florida No-Fault Motor Vehicle Act. However, if you own a car in Florida or live in Florida with a relative that owns a car, you may be able to qualify for PIP benefits under those cars. In situations where PIP coverage is not available, the Law Office of Gary J. Drucker can help process your claim as a “dollar one”.  This means that you will be able to treat for your injuries with payment to providers upon settlement.

Further, if you live out of state, you MAY also be entitled to PIP under vehicles in your state. Regardless, you would have a case against the at fault taxi cab and may want to consult an attorney as to exactly what your rights are in such a case.

If you have been in a taxi cab accident in Florida, please call Drucker Law Offices for a free consultation. Attorney Gary J. Drucker is here to help you with your case. The law firm only charges fees and costs if it recovers money for you, so please call today for a free consultation!