SUV Vehicle Rollovers

Sport utility vehicles “SUVs” are often marketed by the auto industry as being the safer vehicle for the family car; unfortunately that is often not the case. Every year, families unknowingly put themselves at serious risk, due to inherent design flaws of an SUV, which upon high-speeds or a jackknife collision may cause the family vehicle to rollover.

The movie industry often depicts SUVs driving at an angle on two wheels and the driver able to right itself and speed off.  However, those are professional drivers on a closed set often with rods on the road to prevent the car from rolling over.  For those of us driving on Florida roads it is important to remember that the SUV is designed with a high center of gravity and a narrow wheel base.  This causes balance issues during sharp maneuvers, which makes them prone to rolling over. Florida SUV rollover accidents are extremely dangerous to both passengers and other drivers on the road. Infants and young children are especially susceptible to the damage caused during these terrifying accidents.

Types of SUV Rollover

There are several categories of SUV rollovers, all of which are extremely dangerous and potentially fatal:

  • Ramp rollovers—the vehicle rolls because one side of it rolls onto a ramp
  • Side-slop rollovers—occur when the vehicle is driving in off-road conditions
  • Lateral-force rollovers—occur when a vehicle is going too fast on a curve, causing it to roll
  • Sideways skid rollovers—the vehicle’s rear end spins because the rear wheels lose traction, resulting in the tires hitting a curb or other object and causing the rollover

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