Slip & Fall

The last thing a business wants is to have a customer injured while in its shop or restaurant. Accidents happen, however. The law doesn’t hold businesses responsible for accidents unless the company or its employees failed to meet a legal duty of care. If you want to sue for an injury that happened at a business location, you must prove that the business was legally at fault.

If you are in a slip and fall accident at a public place or someone else’s property in Florida, do not sign anything without first speaking to a licensed Florida lawyer. Report the accident to the owner or manager immediately, but remember that you are not legally required to answer any questions. You should know your rights before resolving your claim. Your lawyer is the best person to explain all of your legal rights.

There are a few things you could do right after the accident. You could obtain the names, addresses and phone numbers of witnesses. It is helpful to make notes on where the accident occurred and what caused it. If there is any physical evidence, it can be helpful to take photographs with your phone as well as any visible injuries, like cuts or bruises that you may have sustained.

Liability for customer accidents that happen in business establishments is based on the customer’s status as a person who is invited there for the company’s commercial benefit. A business owes its customers more care generally than someone who is trespassing, for example.

Personal injuries to patrons can happen in a variety of ways. All business establishments can be sued for slips, falls, and collisions. Restaurants can be sued for improper items that make it into the food. The owners of a business can be sued based on poor hiring, supervision, or training of employees.

Courts know that businesses cannot prevent every accident from happening. Instead, businesses are expected to exercise the same amount of care as a reasonably prudent person. This entails guarding against foreseeable problems, taking reasonable precautions, and warning customers of dangers. In short, businesses must inspect, maintain, and warn. You can recover damages for most types of personal injury only if you can prove that the business failed in these duties.

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries resulting in large medical bills and lost wages. There are many different types of damages you can recover if you are injured in a slip and fall accident. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to recover for past and future medical bills, past and future lost wages, pain and suffering, and money for disfigurement/ scarring. While the statute of limitations is generally four years to make a claim against a business, many businesses have a Med Pay policy wherein medical bills will be paid without regard to fault.  However, in these cases the claim for Medpay generally must be made within one year.  This is why it is imperative to contact a Florida Personal Injury Lawyer, to ensure timely filing for collection of the Med Pay policy, if applicable.