Product Liability Cases

Have you been injured by a defective product?  Are you looking for a defective products lawyer that will give you the personal attention that your case deserves?  If so, you have found the right law firm.  Drucker Law Offices is focused on giving its clients personal attention and that is the basis of the motto: “Personal Injury Deserves Personal Attention.”. Call us today for a FREE consultation. The firm does not collect attorney fees or costs unless there is a settlement or verdict in your favor.

As a nation of consumers, most Americans use hundreds of products on a daily basis. When injuries and property damage result from dangerous and defective products, such as consumer products, recreational products, automobiles, bicycles, child car seats, tools, manufacturing equipment, workplace machinery, food, medications, pesticides and medical devices, the manufacturers and other parties involved in the chain of commerce may be liable for monetary damages.

Such injuries resulting from dangerous or defective products are often serious. As a result of such injuries, victims commonly incur significant hospitalization costs and medical bills. Wage loss claims, both short term and long term, are also common to these types of injuries.

At Drucker Law Offices, the lawyer understands the complexities involved in handling these types of cases. The first goal is to establish liability, by proving that the product was indeed defective. Often, this involves consulting a product safety expert or engineer. Once liability is established the lawyer helps clients determine the full measure of their damages by considering medical expenses, wage loss, loss of earning capacity, permanent impairment, past and future pain and suffering and other important factors. The goal is to protect your future by seeking all of the compensation that you are legally entitled to.

A free initial consultation is provided for clients who have been injured as a result of a defective product. The contract is a contingency fee contract so clients only pay a lawyer fee if the case is satisfactorily resolved. If you have any question about a product liability case, please contract the attorney at Drucker Law Offices.