Moped Accidents

Florida’s weather is perfect for driving a moped on the roads. If you are injured by another car while operating a moped, then you have a case against the car owner and driver for your damages. Your damages could include medical bills (in the past and in the future), lost wages and pain and suffering.

Usually, in car accidents there will be PIP insurance to pay some of your medical bills and lost wages but generally mopeds are not covered by PIP and thus you medical bills will be due and owing, in Florida, unless you have health insurance.  At Drucker Law Office we help process your mounting medical bills by funneling them through the appropriate insurance company. In situations where PIP coverage is not available, the Law Office of Gary J. Drucker can help process your claim as a “dollar one”.  This means that you will be able to treat for your injuries with payment to providers upon settlement.

You do have the right to a lawyer, and certainly for a free consultation, like my law firm offers. Depending on your injuries, these cases have varying issues. It is important to note that, in terms of getting money, the law operates in a “fault” system; thus, you are only entitled to money against the other car if the other car is at fault.

At Drucker Law Offices, total representation is offered to the moped victim. This includes helping clients establish PIP benefits, if applicable. A free initial consultation is provided for clients who have been injured as a result of a limousine accident. The contract is a contingency fee contract so clients only pay a lawyer fee if the case is satisfactorily resolved.