I was in a car accident and tore my knee meniscus when my knees hit the dashboard; is that a case?

This blog likes to cover unique topics and this week we have an interesting topic and response from the accident lawyer in Boca Raton (injury attorney Aventura, accident lawyer Boynton Beach, injury lawyer Coral Gables, accident attorney Delray Beach, accident lawyer Plantation, injury attorney South Miami, injury lawyer Deerfield Beach).

The short answer is that the above facts very well may be a case, if there is someone else at fault who caused the accident but there are many other issues that must be looked into like insurance coverage. Obviously, to have an injury case, there must be someone else at fault. If you crash into a tree and you injure you knee, you likely will be at fault and there will be no one to make a case against. Assuming that another car or the driver of the car that you are in causes the accident, then you generally would be able to make a case against that person and sue for your injuries. Knee injuries are common in car accidents and knee injuries stemming from knees hitting the dashboard are common ways that these injuries happen.

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