I had 100 percent coverage with my Florida PIP and now i have to use some of my settlement to pay it back; why?

Generally, Florida no fault or PIP (personal injury protection) coverage pays 80 percent of medical bills up to $10,000.00. When your insurance pays that, there is no right of subrogation which means that they cannot ask you to repay the $10,000.00 or whatever the PIP paid and they cannot even ask for that money back from the other, at fault driver or the insurance of the at fault driver. The Florida PIP has to pay the bills and they do not get the monies back. Generally, to have 100 percent coverage you can purchase something called “medical payments” coverage. That pays the 20 percent balances at the doctors and any monies over and above the $10,000.00 limit (usually medical payment coverage provides an additional $5000.00 of coverage but can be a higher or lower amount). The insurer is allowed to seek subrogation or reimbursement for the medical payment coverage from their insured.

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