How do medical bills get paid in a Florida slip and fall case if I don’t have health insurance?

Again, it is very common for clients to have this concern following an fall accident here in Florida.  First, some properties carry what is known as Medical Payment coverage.  This sort of coverage generally applies to anyone that is injured on the property and regardless of fault.  There is a usually a cap on medical expense coverage and the most common amount that you see is $5,000.00.  You see this sort of coverage more commonly in small businesses as opposed to major retailers.  Thus, many clients don’t realize that this sort of coverage exists.  You would have to order a copy of the business’s insurance policy to figure out whether they have it or not. Otherwise, most businesses will have liability coverage (and the certainly will have liability coverage in addition to the medical payment coverage if they have that).  However, liability coverage indemnifies the business against a judgment (in other words, pays for any judgment entered against the business for injuries sustained on the premises).  Thus, the insurance company does not just pay the medical bills; however, if they believe that the business was at fault for the fall, then they would offer a settlement for the particular case.