Cruise Ship Injuries

Throughout South Florida millions of individuals experience a cruise to Caribbean and Central American locations. Tourists from all around the county and all around the world and Florida residents take these trips on cruise ships every day without giving much thought to anything bad happening to them or to returning home with a significant injury. After all, cruises are the complete package – room, meals, drinks, entertainment, and housekeeping. However, accidents and injuries will and do occur and oftentimes the fault is that of the cruise ship line. Such unfortunate and unavoidable things could have been easily prevented if the international staff on such cruise ships had followed the proper and necessary precautions.

The people who are injured on a cruise ship usually do not know who to talk to about their accident (like a slip and fall accident from a washed deck or a crowded restaurant). They come back from their cruise vacation hurt, confused and frustrated. Maybe they cannot go to work because of the injury or maybe they had to see the cruise ship doctor and had a higher than expected cruise bill.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a cruise ship accident, please call Drucker Law Offices today.

Time Limitations

Please note that cruise ship accidents must be acted upon quickly as oftentimes there is a one year statute of limitation that limit the time period in which one can file a wrongful injury. You do not need to be a resident of Florida to hire a Florida personal injury attorney.  You just needed to take a cruise out of one of our numerous ports, i.e., Miami, Fort Lauderdale, or Palm Beach.

If you believe negligence on the part of a cruise ship staff played a role in your injury, please contact the Law Office of Gary J. Drucker today.