Can I sue if I was injured at a construction site or warehouse in Florida?

Generally, if someone else is at fault and you are injured, you can sue them for your injuries. If you are working, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Interestingly, under workers’ compensation laws in Florida, if you are collecting workers’ compensation, then you CANNOT sue your employer. This is called workers’ compensation immunity. Thus, if you are working and the negligent person is your employer, then you generally cannot sue the employer if he or she is providing worker’s comp. However, if you are working and getting worker’s compensation, you can generally sue and collect in Florida from a THIRD PARTY. Thus, if you are working and are injured due to someone OTHER THAN YOUR EMPLOYER, then you can sue that person generally.

Of course, if you are not working and are injured at a construction site or warehouse, you may have an injury case if there is negligence on the part of the construction site or warehouse.