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We welcome you to the website of Gary J. Drucker, Boynton Beach accident attorney. He has compiled a variety of information here to assist you in your search for legal help pertaining to your accident. It is his best wish that you find the help you need. Drucker Law Offices is a full service Boynton Beach accident attorney will the skills and knowledge to help you.

The slogan of the firm is “personal injury deserves personal attention”.  He keeps this as our main concentration as he deal with our clients. He wants his clients to sense that he take care of their cases as he would those of his own family members.

Drucker Law Offices is profoundly stanch to our community and like to feel we go the extra mile to connect with them. The office speaks Creole, Spanish and English in an attempt to communicate with all our neighbors. We are locals, so we are extremely familiar with the area and handle cases from all over the area including Boynton Beach Blvd, Jog Road, Hypoluxo Road, Gateway Boulevard, Military Trail, Woolbrite Road, Federal Highway, or Congress Avenue.  If you have been in an accident on these roads, please call 561-265-1976 for a free consultation with attorney Gary Drucker. He can help.

Your Boynton Beach accident attorney, Gary J. Drucker, helps his clients with every facet of their case, from medical bills to retrieval of lost wages and loss of the aptitude to earn income. Perhaps most importantly of all, in recovering loss of the gratification of life, also known as, pain and suffering.

Your Boynton Beach accident attorney, Gary J. Drucker is ready to help you today.  Our office address is 1325 South Congress Avenue and it is located on Congress Avenue just north of Woolbrite Road. Call our office, come by our local location, or use the email form on the left of this page to tell us a about your injury.

When a person is a victim in accidental injury negligence must be proven in order to win recompense. This is a legal term meaning some form of carelessness that eventually causes injury to another person.

Negligence in personal injury cases can mean both careless action and careless inaction. Running a red light and injuring or killing other drivers is a careless action. A land owner’s discrepancy in not clearing ice from the walk that eventually causes a tenant to fall, is an example of careless inaction.

Gary Drucker, Boynton Beach accident attorney, has 17 total years of law experience at the ready to assist you in your injury case. He specializes in cases where people are injured as a result of someone else’s negligence. He understands the pain, suffering and emotional agony that can happen in a misfortunate situation. He also concentrates on product recalls, slip and falls and car accidents.

This website was created in the hopes of empowering our community with knowledge and information about the future of their injury case. Even if you do not decide to use our services we sincerely hope you leave our offices with a greater sense of understanding.

Please check around our site and examine the data.  Each circumstance is different and should be treated as such. Use the information you find as a basic guidepost only in order to choose your options.

Drucker Law Offices provide legal services in every local zip code: 33427, 33428, 33429, 33431, 33432, 33433, 33434, 33464, 33481, 33486, 33487, 33488, 33496, 33497, 33498, and 33499. Drucker Law Offices is licensed, experienced and knowledgeable in the full array of injury law topics.

Gary Drucker handles copious local cases, but also represent clients from across the state of Florida. He take our status as a Boynton Beach accident attorney with a personal association extremely serious.

If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered an injury, you need a Boynton Beach injury attorney. Contact our office today with a few small details of your case. Our representative will reply to your questions and give you an honest discussion on your circumstances.

The few moments it takes to make this call can mean the difference in financial solidity and overwhelming loss. Accidents and injuries cause loss of work, emotional problems, and financial misery. Not many people can pull themselves out of the void without some reparation from the negligent party.  Call today to find out how to get your life back.

Consultations on any accident topic are free. No fees are charged unless we recover your money for you.


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