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You’ve found the website of Gary J. Drucker, Boca Raton injury attorney. The motto of the firm is “personal injury deserves personal attention”.  Lawyer, Gary Drucker keeps this as our main focus. He wants his clients to feel that we take care of their cases as we would those of his own family members.

He are deeply committed to our community and like to feel he goes the extra mile to connect with them. The office speaks Creole, Spanish and English in an attempt to communicate with all our neighbors. Gary Drucker is a local, so he is extremely familiar with the area and handle cases from all over the are including Glades Road itself, Powerline Road, State Road 441, and/or the exit ramp to I-95, Jog Road, Palmetto Park Road, Military Trail, Federal Highway Clint Moore Road, and , Yamato Road.

Your Boca Raton injury attorney, Gary J. Drucker is available for free consultation. Call his offices at 561-483-9199, use the form on the left to email or come by his office on Glade Road just east of the Florida State Turnpike.  Consultations are always free. The only instance in which we will charge a fee is if we are able to recover you money.

As a Boca Raton injury attorney, Gary Drucker handles cases in shipping and boating accidents, car, truck and motorcycle accidents, product liability cases, trip and fall cases, construction site accidents, big rig wrecks, slip and fall accidents, wrongful death accidents, bicycle accidents, vehicle rollovers, pedestrian accidents, work site accidents, tire defect accidents, and all manner of accidental death or injury related to an accident.

Mental and emotional injuries are a big part of an accident injury. They are referred to as “pain and suffering” in the personal litigation field. At the very least, mental and emotional injuries may include problems including mental anguish, fear, emotional distress, anger, anxiety, humiliation, shock, or embarrassment.

People with mild cases of mental or emotional distress can experience bouts of severe anger, crying, loss of appetite and weight fluctuations, lack of motivation and energy, sexual dysfunction or loss of interest in sex, severe mood swings, and sleep disturbances. Mild cases of mental or emotional distress may go away relatively quickly, but more severe cases may require professional medical or psychological help.

More serious mental and emotional injuries can have specific diagnoses. Acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are two such diagnoses. It is a common misunderstanding that PTSD only affects soldiers or crime victims. However, it can affect car and other accident victims as well.

Some people have dreams and keep replaying the incident over and over in their head or begin to fear driving or certain types of driving situations.

An example would be if you were rear-ended. After you got back on the road again, you might start worrying that you would get rear-ended any time that you stopped in an unusual situation or to let a child cross the road in the middle of a block. PTSD can become paralyzing for those who don’t get help and sometimes that is even difficult.

Drucker Law Offices handles many local area cases, but he also represent clients in cases throughout South Florida. He takes his reputation as a Boca Raton injury attorney with a personal connection extremely seriously.

It is important to him that his community is aware that they can rely on him for superior legal service in an accident injury case.  For a free consultation, call his offices at 561-483-9199, or if its more convenient, email using the form on the left. You can also come by his office on Glade Road just east of the Florida Turnpike.  Consultations are free. The only time he will charge a fee is if we are able to recover your money.

Legal services are available in every local zip code including 33427, 33428, 33429, 33431, 33432, 33433, 33434, 33464, 33481, 33486, 33487, 33488, 33496, 33497, 33498, 33499. Drucker Law Offices is a completely full service Boca Raton injury attorney firm. Drucker Law Offices is an experienced and knowledgeable in the full array of injury law topics.

If you have been involved in an accident and have suffered an injury, you need a Boca Raton injury attorney. Contact his office with the details of your case. Gary Drucker will answer your questions and give you an honest consultation on your circumstances.

The few moments it takes to make this call can mean the difference in financial stability and devastating loss. Accidents and injuries cause loss of work, emotional problems, and financial misery. Not many people can pull themselves out of the vacuum without some recompense from the negligent party.  Call today to find out how to get your life back.

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