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Welcome to the personal injury law website of Gary J. Drucker. He hope’s that you find the information you need here and always remember that we are here to help. If you have been injured in an accident and need a Boca Raton accident lawyer, you have found the right place.

About Us:

Drucker Law Offices is very proud to represent the people of Boca Raton. Attorney, Gary Drucker involves himself in the community and take any available extra step to communicate with his neighbors. The office speaks Creole, Spanish and English in an effort to fully understand his clients.

Drucker Law Offices handles personal injury cases in many fields; car, truck and motorcycle accidents, tire defect accidents, big rig wrecks, slip and fall accidents, product liability cases, trip and fall cases, construction site accidents, bicycle accidents, vehicle rollovers, wrongful death accidents, bicycle accidents, vehicle rollovers, pedestrian accidents, work site accidents, shipping and boating accidents and all manner of accidental death or injury.

Being a Boca Raton accident attorney is a responsibility he do not take lightly. He serves the public with the maxim “Personal injury deserves personal attention.”  Each client he takes on is treated like the only client we have. He take note of every point of your story and document every detail.

If you have been injured and need a Boca Raton accident lawyer that will take the time to learn the smallest details of your case, please call him immediately.  His phone number is 561-483-9199. Call today to receive a free consultation with a knowledgably Boca Raton accident lawyer. Your questions will be answered with honesty and you will know what your next step should be.

Emotional issues are always part of an accident injury case. Insurance companies and juries accept claims for mental and emotional injuries as long as the mental injury claims are not out of proportion to the severity of the accident and/or to the physical injury claims.

For example, an accident victim was involved in a mild fender-bender but suffered no more than a neck strain, although he claims severe mental anguish and emotional distress, with the full range of symptoms. An insurer will not accept or compensate those claims. Nor will a jury. Someone who claims mental and/or emotional injuries out of proportion to their physical injuries loses all trustworthiness with the insurance company and the jury.

Even if the mental and emotional injury claim is proportionate to the physical injuries, the insurer and jury are less likely to accept the injury if the person did not get any treatment.

Drucker Law Offices has represented clients from all across the state of Florida but many of our cases are local. He know this area well because he is local. Many of his cases come from mishaps on roads like Glades Road itself, Yamato Road, Military Trail, Federal Highway , Powerline Road, Jog Road,  Palmetto Park Road, Clint Moore Road, State Road 441, and the exit ramp to I-95.

Boca Raton citizens who have been involved in an accident and received an injury should immediately call Boca Raton accident lawyer Mr. Gary J. Drucker at 561-483-9199 for a free consultation of your injury case. He is so devoted to relating with our community, that the office speaks Creole and Spanish in addition to English.

Drucker Law Offices offers free legal consultations in locations that are convenient for you. It may be in our office, over the phone, in your home or in a hospital room, his singular purpose is to make things easier for you, his client. The firm’s axiom ensures each and every client is treated to personal devotion that is uncommon in the field of injury law.

The first step after an accidental injury is to see a physician. Once it is established that your wound is a product of the accident, you need to find a lawyer. Your Boca Raton accident attorney will provide free consultation to anyone in the state involved in an accident.

A free consultation will allow you to recognize more of the legal practice involved in injury trials. You will be able to ask questions and obtain honest, educated answers that are relevant to your case and circumstances. No guesswork is involved. You know exactly what your options are when you leave our offices.

Accident injuries are serious business and we are here to help. Schedule a free legal consultation today so you know your options and where to go next. Don’t let this accident destroy the rest of your life. The future is bright.

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