Bicycle Accidents

Have you been injured in a bicycle accident?  Are you looking for a bicycle injury lawyer that will give you the personal attention that your case deserves?  If so, you have found the right law firm.  Drucker Law Offices is focused on giving its clients personal attention and that is the basis of the motto: “Personal Injury Deserves Personal Attention.”. Call us today for a FREE consultation. The firm does not collect attorney fees or costs unless there is a settlement or verdict in your favor.

Unfortunately, bike accidents are an all too common occurrence on our streets and many of these accidents result in devastating injuries for the cyclist. Victims of bike accidents should seek legal counsel to uphold their legal rights when those injuries are due to the negligence of others. At the Drucker Law Offices, the lawyer is dedicated to pursuing fair compensation for your pain and suffering. The lawyer has the resources and experience to thoroughly investigate your accident and represent your case.

Because bicyclists are often overlooked by traffic and have little to protect them, there are many ways for a bicycle accident to occur. Bike accidents can affect cyclists of any age, but tend to affect children and preteens who are struck by careless drivers. Though bicycle lanes have been implemented in most areas, statistics indicate that these lanes interfere with the normal flow of traffic and can actually put bicyclists in more danger rather than giving them a safe lane to ride in. Additionally, bicyclists can have collisions with other bicyclists who are not mindful of their surroundings.

Injuries caused by bicycle collisions are significant, as when a car hits a bicycle it commonly throws the person on the bicycle many feet and this can result in more typical injuries. Further, the bicycle rider obviously does not have a seat belt or other mechanism to limit the injury. Broken bones, traumatic head injuries, and damage to the spine, as well as internal injuries, are not uncommon. Bicycle accidents can even result in death. Individuals involved in bike accidents due to the negligent actions of others should contact us.

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